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  8. What fuel do I use in my Aladdin Mantle Lamp?

    Genuine Aladdin Lamp Fuel is the highest grade of kerosene you can purchase and works best in your Aladdin kerosene mantle lamp. It also works wonderfully well in Aladdin kerosene heaters since it produces the lowest level of odor while burning and is available from your Aladdin dealer.

    K-1 grade kerosene(1K in some markets) works very well, too, but produces slightly more odor than Genuine Aladdin Lamp fuel. The K-1 kerosene fuels are readily available at Lowes, Home Depot and many gas stations around the country under various brand names.

    Ultra Pure brand lamp oil is also sold by many of the big box stores. This oil is a paraffin(wax based) fule and is designed to work with floating-type candle lamps that you see in restaurants and the like. ULTRA PURE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WICK TYPE LAMPS SUCH AS ALADDIN. The wax in this product will gum up the wick and your lamp will cease to burn properly almost immediately causing you to replace the wick.

    Dyed red kerosene: in some marketing areas, gas stations only sell Red Dyed kerosene. This product has a RED DIE added that will shorten the life of your wick. Don't use this product unless you can't find good K-1 grade kerosene elsewhere.

    Yellowish colored kerosene: Aging causes kerosene to turn yellow in color. In other words, the fuel has begun to break down due to age and is not recommended for Aladdin lamps. Fuel that has yellowed will produce a very strong smell and will gum up your wick as well. On the other hand, Genuine(highest grade) Aladdin Lamp Fuel will not change color over time nor will it produce strong odors from again.

  9. Where do I get water-clear K-1 Kerosene?

    Due to a recent government law on motor fuel tax, clear K-1 Kerosene has become harder to find. Most often you will run across red-dyed Kerosene. It is not recommended that you use this kind. The dye will clog the wick and may cause your mantle not to burn as bright.

    But, you can still get water-clear K-1 Kerosene. Look in the paint department of your local hardware stores.

    For larger quantities, check your local gas stations (especially in rural areas). Some may have K-1 pumps with the clear, taxed Kerosene. While you'll have to pay a tax on this, it still may be cheaper in larger quantities than buying it in the store. Check with the attendant.

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    Aladdin—The Magic Name in Lamps, hardbound, 304 pages, complete historyof the Mantle Lamp Company of America and the world-famous Aladdin kerosene lamp. $39.95 plus $7 P& H.

    Aladdin Electric Lamps, softbound, 229 pages, complete history of Aladdin Industries and Aladdin electric lamps. $24.95 plus $5 P & H.

    Aladdin Collectors Manual & Price Guide, Kerosene Mantle Lamps, 48 pages. $8.95.

    Aladdin Electric Lamps Collectors Manual & Price Guide, 48 pages. $8.95.

    Books available from the author—J. W. Courter, 3935 Kelley Rd., Kevil, KY 42053. Large books autographed to you. Courter also publishes a bimonthly newsletter—The Mystic Light of the Aladdin Knights. Send for free list of books and brochure on Aladdin collecting.

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    Free catalog of new Aladdin lamps, shades and accessories for old and new lamps: Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company, 681 International Blvd., Clarksville, TN 37210. Voice: 800-457-5267; Fax: 931-647-4517. email:

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